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What We Do

Proudly Supporting Wildlife Conservation
Efforts for Over 20 Years.

How We Help

We assist and support sea turtle researchers and other wildlife
conservation organizations through hands-on travel experiences.


Conservation Projects       


Volunteer Hours       

Equipment Donations 


  • Transmitters

  • Tracking devices

  • Nest protection supplies

  • Nets


Other Support     

  • Beach clean-ups

  • Facility repair and renovation 


Financial Donations      




Hands-on Community Scientist Activities

Measure and monitor Leatherbacks (Sandy Pt., St. Croix) and protect sea turtle nests (Carolinas).

Help install satellite tracking devices on Hawksbill and Olive Ridley Turtles (Belize and Costa Rica).

Guide hatchlings to the sea and inventory hatching success (Carolinas).

Help protect wildlife habitat through land preservation (Minnesota).

Rescue cold-stunned sea turtles (Cape Cod).

Collect data on migrating hawks and Saw-whet Owls (Virginia and Pennsylvania).

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