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About the Members Page

Behind the scenes, our website host calls CIJ Members by another name - Subscribers. You have access to your account information through
the password protected My Subscriptions page.
Use the dropdown menu at upper right, select My Subscriptions and
then add your email and create a password.

We don't (yet) have a "members only" section of the website
but we could if members would like, and if you have a password set up


In the meanwhile - see below for members information.


This is New as of August, 2023

Have you received a "Subscription Canceled" email?
It's because the automatic membership renewal function
on the website was turned off when the PayPal payment buttons
went away as the Board of Directors changed this year.

Membership renewal is now done one year at a time.

Go to the "Join Us" page and click on the $60 membership "Select" button.
Payment at this time is through PayPal via your own PayPal account.


•  When you click on the PayPal option "Caretta Inspired Journeys"
will appear as the recipient.
Click through and you'll receive an email
showing your subscription was received.
It's that easy.


•  Trips can be paid by check - select "offline" in the payment section.
Please mail your check in a timely manner,
including your name, email and the trip name, 
to the Dunkirk P.O. box address be

•  In the ticketing process for trips, our webhost adds a
2.5% registration fee that holds your place in line.


Be sure to register for each trip as this reserves
your spot on the trip list. 

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