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Join Wildlife Lovers for Hands-on
Conservation-focused Travel Experiences.

Become a Member

     Caretta Inspired Journeys is
a membership based non-profit organization based on Caretta
Nature Tours, LLC, that was formed
in 2001.


     As a non-profit membership organization, we can now plan a wider range of travel experiences to help
and protect wildlife. 

     Whether you are a single member or a household, the membership rate is the same:
$60 per year.

     Members receive discounts on trip costs and priority for registration
ahead non-members.


You can support wildlife conservation
by becoming
a member.

  • CIJ Membership

    One price for one person or a whole household.
    • Advanced notice about trips.
    • Early registration for members.
    • Discounted trips costs for members.

Annual renewals, or new memberships are paid here. 

Be Connected with Like-Minded People

Making Memories

Members help create and
make once-in-a-lifetime memories.

Feels Great

As a member, you receive advanced notification about future trips, discounted prices on trips, and you’ll feel good about helping wildlife.

Do Good

Make Friends

Our members come from all over the English-speaking world, and we travel to unusual places.

Give Back

Travelers participate in research efforts from assisting scientists in data collection to beach clean-ups. 

Trip costs do not include transportation,
but they do include a donation to further
the research efforts of the host study site.

Your Contributions as a Member

• Ensure that wildlife remains safe in the wild.


• Help scientists and researchers collect data where wildlife lives.

• Increase donations made

to scientific organizations and their staff,


• Participate on CIJ committees
to shape future travel and
research plans.

• Become a board member
to sustain CIJ as it grows.


• Ask friends, family and your favorite traveling companions
to join CIJ.

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